You Never Know When the Perfect Shot will Come

I love my eye for photography. Granted I don’t think I’m the hottest photographer out there, but I do think I can spot perfect moment in time that needs to be captured on the fly.

I was shooting a video for G Style Magazine with Lucky Madison one day and we was shooting the HTC Aria. As we was wrapping up the shoot, we was just talking and Lucky was playing with the phone. She tilted her head a certain way while she was holding the phone in a way that looked like a perfect product shot.

I quickly told her not to move, switch the camera from video to still mode (I was using the Olympus PEN 2 camera), and got the shot. I loved that shot so far, it became the header image for G Style Magazine. This would be Lucky’s second “cover” with us at G Style.

Again I’m no great photographer, I’m ok but when the visual hits me I know when to snap the button to capture it.

Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Category: Spotlight

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