April Hatcher Performs at the Revelation Generation 2010

A couple weeks ago I received a last minute phone call from old time buddy Derak who I call Supa, he needed me to cover the performance of his sister April Hatcher who was performing at the Revelation Generation in New Jersey. This was the first time I really covered a singer on stage, but it was definitely a fun experience.

I received this VIP band, and was able to go anywhere I needed on the stage to get the shots of her performing. In addition they had these little go carts all around that transported the performance and their people whenever they needed to go. It was cool hopping around in these little carts. I felt so elite lol. The above shot is one of the pictures I took of April performing, it was worked on some by Derak for added effect.

Date: Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Category: Spotlight

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