me Jason “VerSe” Anderson
Bronx, NY

What is there to know about Jason. One thing said by his father at an early age was “I don’t have to worry about you Jason. I know if something happened to me and your mother, you would be ok. You are a hard worker”. This best describes Jason “Verse” Anderson. In everything he does, he goes hard at what he does.

At 30 years of age, I have sought to make dreams and goals happen. Currently I’ve made every field I had a passion for, work for me. From working in the field of Information Technology, to owning my own company in Digital Media, to Photography. I’ve has turned passion into profit. One of my saying has always been “Some people work jobs they don’t like, just cause it makes money. I chose to work in a field that interests me, therefore every morning I go to work happy cause I’m doing what I love. The money, well I just wish everyone could get paid to do what they enjoy”

Photography being one of my passions, I intend to be the best at what I do. It is my goal to be the best photographer first to myself and then others. I’m a artist, so while the money that comes from the work I do is always nice, I’d still be doing it if I never made a dime from it. Like my saying, “I go to work happy cause I’m doing what I love.”